Monday, October 15, 2012

Launch of The Net Alberta in Calgary!

Hey everyone!

So my wonderful friend Heather and I are launching an anti-human trafficking network for the cities of Calgary and Edmonton! As we showed the Nefarious documentary over summer, we realized that there was some communication missing between churches and organizations in Alberta who are doing great things about human trafficking!

As a result, we're launching The Net Alberta website next weekend on October 19! The purpose of the website is to create an online space where connections are facilitated between individuals, community groups, NGO's and churches who are fighting to stop modern-day slavery. If you or your group are hosting an anti-human trafficking-related event... If you have a volunteer for an event or new initiative... If a prayer request comes to mind... We would love to post it on our website (for free)! There will be a Calgary section and an Edmonton section where you can keep tabs on what's being done about human trafficking in each city.

The second purpose of The Net Alberta is to help create community between those who are involved in the anti-trafficking movement in these two cities. As the head of the Calgary section, I'd love for you to come out and experience and experience fellowship with like-minded people to celebrate our launch! Whether you are just dipping your feet in anti-trafficking work, are an expert in the field, or just want to learn more, this event is for you! So:

You are invited to join me for an afternoon potluck on Sunday, October 21. Below you'll find a more exciting invitation, so please feel free to pass it on to your friends, family, and co-workers who may be interested in connecting with other Calgary abolitionists! This will also be a time to learn more about The Net Alberta website and how you can use it as a resource.

Hope to see you this weekend!

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